Call for Testers: The Maritiem Top (Teen-Plus)

I’ve been wanting to make a well-fitting, super simple top that can be worn anywhere.  The Maritiem Top fits all those requirements.  I love the little vents on the sides and the 3/4 length sleeves.  An add-0n option includes short and long sleeves (included in the testing).  Hits high hip so you can raise your arms or stretch and reach for things without showing off your belly.

Uses medium stretch knits (most jerseys and interlocks).  Sized Teen 14 through plus sizes.

Testing starts asap and ends Wednesday, August 15th.




2 thoughts on “Call for Testers: The Maritiem Top (Teen-Plus)”

  1. Hello there. Would love to apply for testing but do you have other options for the length; ie below the hip or tunic length?

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