Cloth diaper resources and knowledge

One of the most common questions I get in my inbox is “What are your favorite cloth diaper resources?”  I thought I’d compile a list of online stores and some tutorials here and update as needed.

Where to order specialty fabric online:

Here are a few of my favorite cloth diaper fabric suppliers (I’m based out of the US so keep that in mind):

Very Baby

Wazoodle (They carry the Zorb brand of absorbent fabric)



Cloth diapering has made a huge jump in popularity the last few years so you are able to find basic PUL in most big box fabric stores.  PUL comes in fun prints and solids.  If you find a print you like, you can always eliminate the outer print for your AIO diapers.


Since babies are all different shapes and builds, sizing for our diaper patterns is a general guideline.  Generally, sizing for our cloth diaper sewing patterns is as follows:

  • Newborn:  birth to 16lbs (Newborn Hybrid Fitted).
  • OS:  10-36lbs (OS Hybrid Fitted).
  • Small: birth – 12lbs.
  • Medium: 10 – 22lbs.
  • Large: 20 – 30lbs.

Another way of looking at it is as follows:

  • Small: infant
  • Medium: baby
  • Large: toddler

But as with most diapers, the sizing is approximate. A thinner, but heavier child can fit into a smaller size longer whereas a buddha baby will need to go up a size sooner. I include a crossover tab so you can buy the next size up and get more wear out of the diaper.

New Boy Prints!

I’ve felt like I couldn’t find any super cute boyish prints lately.  Everything that caught my eye was veering towards girly.  I love girly.  I’m trying to put ruffles on anything I can right now but my original goal with The Eli Monster was to provide really nice, modern, diapers for boys since I had such a hard time when my own Eli was needing diapers.

I feel like I hit the motherload of cute boy prints lately!

I did break down and make a few girly diapers this week but wanted to get back to where were started and focus on some boyish things this week. 

Why All In Twos Rock

I used to make pockets a few years ago.  I used to LIKE pockets.

After a few kids and trying almost every diapering “system” known to man, I got tired of fiddling with everything day after day, laundry load after laundry load.  Inserts, liners, layers, extra inserts, snap down, snap up, pain in my you-know-what.

Poor baby’s diaper is bigger than he is!
Photo:  E. Voll

I’m busy.  I do not enjoy spending the better part of an evening stuffing pockets.  I do not enjoy having to stick my hand in a soiled diaper to get the insert out.  Because, you know, Murphy’s law dictates that you WILL get poop on your hand.  Every. Single. Time.  And don’t believe the claims that they will wiggle out in the wash.  They never did for me.  I ended up with a stinky soggy insert ball in the shell at the end of the cycle each time I tried.  So then I had to rewash everything.  I was over diapering in general but especially over pockets.  ESPECIALLY one size pockets when I had 2 kids in them.  They were always snapped too little (or under/over stuffed) for the wrong kid and SOOOOOO bulky on the smaller sizes.  So, so bulky.

That’s when I started making (and using) All In Twos (AI2s) as the bulk of my waterproof diapering usage.  It’s as simple as putting on an All In One but has the adjustability of pockets since I can add insert boosters as needed for naps or nighttime.  No need to unstuff-just throw the whole thing in the wetbag OR (and here’s where it was great for me once Adlai started eating more real food and her poops were more predictable and not every diaper change) unsnap the wet only insert, let the shell air dry for a bit (I liked to rotate about 3 shells during the day) and snap in a new one.  My diaper loads were cut in half, instantly!

Reasons why The Eli Monster AI2s are the bomb-diggity (I can’t think of a better descriptive phrase here…)

  • Waterproof, no separate cover needed.
  • Adjustable absorbancy
  • Easy to wash-since the inserts *can* be removed, you get a more thorough cleaning.  Even better, if you don’t remove the insert, everything still gets cleaned since there’s no place for the insert to bunch up.  
  • Less laundry.  Since the inserts can be removed, you can reuse the shell a few times before washing as long as baby just wets (toss the whole thing in the wetbag when there’s a dirty-dirty diaper)
  • Easy to use.  Wears just like a pocket or All in One.  
  • NO STUFFING!!!!  
  • NO UNSTUFFING!!!!  Just a quick unsnapping, or for dirty diapers, toss the whole thing in the wetbag and forget it.
  • Choice of materials next to baby’s skin.  Most pockets have a microfleece or suedecloth inner layer to help wick moisture through it to the insert but since AI2s don’t need that extra layer, you can have organic bamboo velour or stay-dry suedecloth, depending on your baby’s needs.  
  • Sized shells means that even smaller sizes are nice and trim.  You don’t need a whole new wardrobe to accommodate the diaper bulk.  
  • Less cost overall.  Since you can reuse the shells, you can buy addition inserts at a lower price than a full diaper.
You can browse our selection of All In Twos here.

Wordless Wednesday-Newborn Minky

This week’s wordless Wednesday is brought to you by the letter M (for Minky) and the number 1 (for the #1 Photographer, evah! Joan McAlister of BellowBlue Photography in Madison, WI)

We majored in photography in college together (along with her husband, Jon) and are still super close. She did my maternity photos and Eli’s first bday photos too (I think some are hiding out in her galleries). We took advantage of her visit to us in MPLS to take some a-ma-zing photos.
So here’s a little snippet of the shoot with Adlai in her awesome Minky Newborn Fitteds!

The Eli Monster

I’ve been tinkering away at the sewing machine and think I’ve gotten a system down for my diapers and covers. Look how cute they’ve turned out.

I found a great website that supplies just the waterproof film for my diapers. I’m in the middle of taking all of my fabric out of every nook and cranny that it’s shoved in and making cute diapers and covers.

I’m in great need for supplies. I have the fabric but I’m in need of the thread and velcro (boy, do I go through that stuff!) and other little odds and ends.

I like this new background that I’m photographing on. Thank you Michaels Crafts and thank you Martha Stewart! It’s no secret that I am a Martha junkie. I can hardly even imagine to keep up with her and her OCD, but I can hope to one day find the time to alphabetize my sock drawer. I was meaning to subscribe to her Blueprint magazine but was saddened the other week to find out that it went to magazine heaven.

So I sit here typing, waiting for dinner to settle in the belly before heading back to the kitchen table to sew some more. I don’t know what will happen when Spring comes. I guess I’ll just have to divide my time between photographing and sewing.