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FREE Tropisch Dress Sewing Pattern!!!

Child wearing The Tropisch Dress Sewing Pattern

A staple of any summer wardrobe should be a simple shirt style dress.  Last summer we were in Alabama and everyone was wearing shift dresses.  A lovely woman we met while dining on schnitzel under a giant rocket explained that everyone wears dresses because it’s the least amount of fabric touching your body.  It’s resting […]

What the heck IS that and why do I want to make it? Free Pattern Inside

Free Knitting Pattern Bun Maker

      What IS that thing?  Why did I make it?  Why would you ever need something like that? If you have little girls, you make find yourself needing one more than you think.   A’s hair was too short to put up into a “proper” bun and she needed one for her recital […]

Tutorial-Super Fast Reusable Kid Napkins

  I don’t even know why I’m making this tutorial.  It’s so simple, photos are overkill.  But I am anyway. I had this super cute flannel hanging around my studio for a looooong time.  It never got put away because I wanted to do something with it right away but never did.  Probably a year […]