Toddler Tuesday

I hope everyone had great and wonderful holidays! I took the month of January off to visit family and to catch up on things around the house and business. But now I’m back and will try my derndest to keep up with this silly little blog…

So for today-Toddler Tuesday!

Eli has caught the yoga bug. If he wakes up before us he’ll go into the living room and turn on my yoga dvd. He knows quite a few poses (downward facing dog, the warrior, etc). So we found this series of kids yoga on Activity TV on OnDemand through our cable. It’s wonderful! We’ll start the day out with a 10 minute (or 20 minute, depending on Eli’s attention span) yoga session and then move on to a healthy breakfast of cereal and fruit. Or a smoothie if we have the ingredients on hand. Yeah, we’re THAT kind of people.

As much as I’d like to make fun of our yoga doing, smoothie drinking new lifestyle, it’s working for us. Eli hasn’t been a great sleeper since we moved. He finally allows himself to fall asleep around 10 (or 11!) and will wake up at 7 and refuse a nap most days. And that’s after waking up a few times overnight begging to play. I couldn’t keep up-I was running myself ragged trying to get this boy to sleep. Since doing the yoga, he has been going down at 10 and waking up at 9 to 9:30. That’s muuuuuch better. And he’ll nap a bit in the afternoon on some days too.

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