Wordless Wednesday

Okay, okay, so I’m a day late. Life is crazy hectic at the moment and somethings don’t get checked off my Teux Deux list each day…

Eli’s been playing “guitar” like crazy lately. We just turn on some videos and let him have the Guitar Hero controller and he goes to town. He asks me to “Rock Out” whenever he wants to play. Living with a toddler is so much fun when they’re behaving!

I guess all that rocking out left him out of energy because at about 7p he stripped down and told me he was taking a bath and went and sat in the tub. So I gave him a bath and when he was done he asked to sit on the couch with a blanket. Not even 5 minutes later this is what I found-tv still on, Tony and I talking and doing stuff around him. He was OUT! This is the same kid that will fight to stay awake if there’s the slightest bit of noise around him because he doesn’t want to miss anything. I guess it didn’t matter, he was sleepy and there was no amount of commotion that was going to keep him awake!

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